Complaint box

Have you seen the complaint box? I really need it. I have a whole stack of complaints I want to write down and shove thru the slot in the top of the box.

Yes, I’m complaining today. Alot. A whole bunch. Guess what? I’m human and sometimes I have a pity party.  Oh well. Thats ok. I’ll get over it.

I’ll loudly profess that sometimes I hate this second chance I’ve been given and wish I would have just died that night. I’m tired of waking up with nasea. It’s been particularly bad yesterday and today. I feel like I could throw up any second. I’m tired, but for the past few nights I only shake and toss and turn till I finally fall asleep. I’m tired of stuggling to plan out my day, instead I want it to be easy like it was, before the accident. I’m exhausted by thinking thru things that only used to take half of the energy it did before. I’m so sick of every damn breath being a struggle and causing pain into my neck and what’s left of my right lung. I’m tired of my side vibrantly radiatingng pain every second of the day, never getting better but often getting worse and cramping and burning. I hate having to battle anxiety and reminding myself to just enjoy the ride. I fear the frequent headaches. I hate, really hate having to stop whatever I’m doing to take a meditative break so my brain can rest and I can get thru my day.

Things used to come easy to me. I never even thought about breathing before. I suggest you be thankful for what you have, before it’s gone. Because it sucks when it is.

Just for today, I want to be normal. I want all the bad stuff to disappear and life to go back to the way it was. But, that would be keeping my thoughts and hopes in the past. That would not be good. I need to always look forward to tomorow. Besides, what IS normal anyway, and have you ever met ANYONE who is?

I guess I won’t be winning an award for a positive, unfailing attitude today. So what. I don’t care. I’ll settle for the crying, snotty nosed, feeling sorry for myself award. I’m taking a break from positive thinking today. Life is real and lots of the time life is hard. That’s reality. I can deal with that…….right after my pity party is over. Just give me an hour our two to get my frustrations out and cry. Yes, I do happen to be crying, I’m crying so hard right now I can hardly see through my tears to type. But thats ok. Thats my life. And the beauty that comes out of all this pain is that by this afternoon, I will put that damn smile back on my face and go on. Just like we all have to, want to, need to. Because even though that little voice in the back of my mind says to give up, I never, never, never will. And if I won’t give up, then you sure as hell shouldn’t either. I don’t ever want to miss out on the beautiful things in life, the simple things that make me smile.

It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to get frustrated, it’s ok to rest for a while, it’s ok to have a pitty party too. But it’s not ok to give up, so I won’t. Ready? Here I go. I’ll wipe away those tears, put that smile back on my face and keep on going.


~ by gonefishindd5 on December 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Complaint box”

  1. Thats my girl!!! You can get past the bad days. I love you! Bad days suck but there is always many more good ones just around the corner!!


  2. Life is hard! I am very thankful for what I have and that hopefully things can change and be better the next day. I am also very thankful to have my little sister next to me in this life, fighting our way through it! Anyone know a warrior’s song? We are Warrior’s of this life!!


    • It is hard. Why didn’t mom and dad tell us it would be this hard????? : ) We are warriors and we would look stunning in a girl/goth/warrior outfit, you know, the kind with metal bra’s with spikes! Oh and a sword! HEeeeehee! But we can do it!!!! We are strong, especially when you get us together.


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