Drum roll please………………

“I don’t think people understand how stressful it  is to explain whats going on in your head when you don’t even understand it yourself.”  Not sure who said it, but it was passed on to me by a good friend. It’s exactly how I’m feeling. I’ve tried to write this post over a million times. Only to bag it and try again.  It’s so hard to explain to you everything that is happening in my head right now. But I’m going to try.

Even though I just can’t find the words for how amazing and different I feel, I know the hyperbaric oxygen treatments are working. I’m enjoying every single day of the new me. The PTSD is almost gone completely. I’m not afraid any more. And I’m thinking so much clearer. I don’t need to “clock out” and take as many breaks either. I get to enjoy more of my days.  And I have the results on paper to prove it all. I can’t stop looking at my test results. I even slipped them into those nice little plastic sheet protectors  to keep them safe as I carry them everywhere to show anybody who will look and listen.  I showed all the staff at the HBOT clinic. I showed my physician. I showed the girls at the office where I get my allergy shots. I sent pictures to my kids. I’m showing all my friends and even some strangers. And then I look at them again. Everything I thought I was feeling is there on paper. Proof. Solid proof that I’m getting so much better. I’m still in shock a little bit over all the changes taking place.

Below are the test results that were taken in December before I began HBOT. And right next to Decembers test results I have my most recent results from May. You can see for yourself why I keep showing them off. So, hopefully this will help you understand what I’m feeling right now. It’s wonderful.


HBOT 001 HBOT 005











HBOT 003HBOT 008











HBOT 004

HBOT 009












~ by gonefishindd5 on June 12, 2014.

4 Responses to “Drum roll please………………”

  1. Oh my gosh! Thats news worth celebrating! A wonderful blessing. Im so thrilled for you. We love you…..


  2. Fantastic! So happy to hear it’s working for you.


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